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Extinction Rebellion: October Update

Please find intelligence relating to protest activity planned over the next week, including activities around Fitzrovia and Euston Square Station

Expected Disruption on the Tube network – Thursday 17 October

There was protest activity at 3 tube stations in East and Southeast London on the morning of 17 October.

While services have recovered from the initial disruption, British Transport Police have reason to be believe further activity is planned in the afternoon at the peak period. There are no specific details but please plan ahead if you intend to use the Tube this afternoon.

Please follow our social media channels for updates and specifics, @EnjoyFitzrovia and @FitzPartnership.

Expected Disruption by Extinction Rebellion Youth – Wednesday 16 October 2019 – Fitzrovia

The Fitzrovia Partnership has received intelligence that Extinction Rebellion Youth are planning action targeting new media outlets in the Fitzrovia Area.

Intelligence suggests that the XR Youth movement meeting point for tomorrow at 10am appears to have shifted to Euston Station, rather than Euston Square as previously thought.

Protesters are being encouraged to get involved by ‘redecorating’ the facades of Social Media HQ’s, swarming the surrounding roads and by live streaming and uploading live streams and other content to the platforms being targeted.

The Metropolitan Police have been made aware of the risk. The Fitzrovia Partnership will continue to monitor the situation and further update if new relevant information is received.

The Fitzrovia Partnership have increased our Street Warden presence for the District tomorrow due to the potential increase in footfall.

  • The target for protest is still thought to be ‘New Media’ and it is likely that protestors will focus attention toward social media companies where they can live stream and upload their activities to the platforms, however other media agencies should consider their own internal security protocols.
  • Intelligence suggests that financial institutions, businesses engaged in food production and petrochemical industries may attract the attention of the XR protestors.
  • We would suggest all companies to review their security arrangements and report to police any suspicious activity. 
  • There is a significant policing operation in place and officers will be deployed to these key locations.
  • Please note these protests whilst unlawful have been peaceful and do not represent a risk tostaff working within the premises.
  • The tactics so far used by XR protestors have involved ‘lock-ons’, ‘glue-ons’ and passive resistance. Their protest have become increasingly sporadic in nature and vary in numbers and duration.
  • When protesting at office buildings they will attempt to protest at the entrances and exits to the buildings. 


Summary of Extinction Rebellion Activities

Mass Action Briefing International Rebellion

Follow @MPSPoliceEvents for live updates from the Metropolitan Police Service.


Please remember to report crime directly to the Metropolitan Police by calling 101 or in an emergency 999.

For any low-level anti-social behaviour or security problems please call the NWEC Security Team: 07900 738810. If you need the police, please call 999 in an emergency and 101 for non-emergency matters.

Should you have any questions, please contact me on the details provided.