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Fare Freezes

Mayor confirms second year of fares freeze on our services

 The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has confirmed that our fares will again be frozen in 2018.

Around four million journeys a day across London already benefit from the fares freeze, which will remain in place until 2020.

He also announced that the unlimited one-hour Hopper fare for bus and trams will be introduced in the first half of next year, and weekly capping will be brought to Oyster cards later in the year.

Pay as you go (PAYG) journeys on the Tube, DLR, Emirates Airline and rail services where TfL fares apply also remain frozen. By 2020, the average household will have saved around £200 thanks to the fares freeze. Fees for Santander Cycles also remain frozen. The Mayor is also freezing all TfL travel concessions, ensuring that children, those over 60, veterans, apprentices and those on Job Seeker’s Allowance continue to benefit from free or discounted travel.

If TFL assume responsibility for more suburban rail services, fares on these services would also be covered by the fares freeze. The Mayor continues to call on the Government to follow his lead and freeze fares across London’s suburban rail services.

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