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FITZBAC – Fitzrovia Business Against Crime Partnership

The Partnership has created a Business Crime Reduction Partnership representing member businesses operating in Fitzrovia and its environs – FITZBAC.  You can join FITZBAC by contacting David Fereday, Operations Manager by email.

The aims and objectives of the FITZBAC partnership are:-

  • The legitimate and lawful gathering, collation, exchange and management of all relevant information relating to business crime and anti-social behaviour between the business members;
  • To reduce and prevent criminality and anti-social behaviour by reducing the opportunity to commit crime;
  • To assist in the apprehension and prosecution of offenders and suspected offenders;
  • To reduce the fear of crime and the effects of the fear of crime;
  • To reduce members losses caused by crime and anti-social behaviour;
  • To create a safe and secure environment for customers, staff and visitors and to contribute to the economic viability and prosperity of the town centre;
  • To strengthen the partnership working with the business community, police, local authority and other key agencies and organisations;
  • To establish the partnership as an integral part of the local community safety and crime reduction strategy.

To this end and in order to enable us to legally share information between our members it is necessary for members to sign a data sharing agreement. By doing so you will be agreeing to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

To support the aims and goals of FITZBAC, The Fitzrovia Partnership will provide access to the business radio link as a member benefit to those business members that sign the partnership agreement in full. Please visit our Members Area for list of the businesses currently in the scheme.

Our Ambassador Team will be visiting those business members and delivering the application pack.

To ensure that the Partnership is legal in all ways, it has been necessary to take back the radios currently in operation in The Fitzrovia Partnership area. These will be returned, tested and reissued upon receipt of the signed application forms. The radios will be issued as a member benefit and there will be no additional cost to our contributing members for membership of the FITZBAC Partnership.

A target photo file will be produced showing photographs of the most frequent offenders and suspects operating in the area. This will be issued against signature and will be audited at regular intervals to ensure that the photographs are relevant and up to date.