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FitzOffice Supplies brings further carbon savings to Fitzrovia

Last month the Partnership launched FitzOffice Supplies, a new service that enables ALL members to make significant financial savings on their stationery needs – whilst helping to reduce the number of delivery vehicles in the area and therefore improving local air quality.

One of the key findings from our initial research was that our 10 participating Partnership members’ deliveries for a whole range of goods (office and cleaning supplies, water, catering and more) emitted approximately 27,000 Kgs of Co2 per year.

To put that into perspective, the emissions produced by deliveries to 10 business members is the equivalent of leaving 225 aeroplanes on Tottenham Court Road with their engines running for an hour!

As a direct response, 15 members have already joined the scheme and seen some significant savings on their orders which include stationery, office furniture, cleaning products and office nibbles.  By consolidating these orders, we have identified that we can reduce the amount of vehicles delivering office supplies in Fitzrovia by up to 75% by 2020, and reduce your bill by up to 30%.

By reducing the number of office supply providers to one preferred supplier, we have been able to ensure that all of our participating members to date have realised significant savings. On top of that, we have already been able to see an estimated carbon saving of 2% based on the reduction of the number of deliveries into the BID area, which is helping us to reduce emissions and improve air quality, resulting in a cleaner, greener and safer Fitzrovia for us all.

Take part and make a difference – both to your bottom line and our area with FitzOffice Supplies. Email us today or call 020 7755 5836.