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Footfall and Sales Reporting – vital tools for your business

The Partnership offers it’s members the opportunity to receive and contribute to weekly and monthly Footfall and Sales Reporting.  With 5 cameras capturing the areas footfall information, fellow businesses in the area contributing to the sales figures and accompanying insights from our partners Springboard Research the reports are valuable tool for your business.

You will find the overall performance updated weekly on the homepage, with weekly and monthly footfall reports available in our Members Area and we provide monthly reports in hard copy for members that prefer this format.

Footfall within the area has been monitored for over 18 months. As a result the Partnership wish to improve its understanding of the areas trading performance by tracking sales trends alongside footfall. This will enable evaluation of whether initiatives to increase footfall are translating into improved sales.

We would like to have members participate in this report which is FREE for you to use.

As a participating business, you would receive a Weekly Sales report from The Fitzrovia Partnership & Springboard which enables you to compare your sales performance with the average for the area and also with the UK. The report also includes footfall, so that you can understand whether sales trends in your store is in line with footfall within the region and the rest of the UK.

Springboard will not require you to provide actual £ sales data – only % change in sales – and we ensure that your individual data is confidential.

At no time is the Partnership privy to this data, they receive an overall trading report from participating retailers.

Each week Springboard will get in touch with you via email or telephone to collect two % change figures – the week on week % change, and the year on year % change.

That’s it! And in exchange, you will receive your FREE report via email the same week.

The service is in a large number of towns and cities across the UK with participants ranging from large national stores to independent retailers all of whom find the weekly data useful to their businesses.

Contact the team today to take part in the Sales Reporting and receive printed Footfall Reports.