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Investing in a greener Fitzrovia

The BID has delivered a Green Infrastructure Audit (GIA) to help us identify opportunities for urban greening in the area.

This widespread support for the delivery of green infrastructure provides a strong policy background for The Fitzrovia Partnership BID to capitalise upon. We aim to work with our partners to establish Fitzrovia as one of the greenest BIDs in London, with a particular focus on increasing footfall and improving air quality. The GIA – delivered with our partners Arup – maps the existing green assets of Fitzrovia alongside the objectives of businesses, residents and stakeholders to present an overall strategy and vision for the future. We view this document as a catalyst to agreeing how the businesses and communities of Fitzrovia will work together to enhance the green infrastructure of our area.
The GIA has recommended:

  • The installation of one or more rain gardens to manage potential future flooding, improve bio-diversity and promote air quality
  • Develop a green roof strategy for the whole Fitzrovia area, which will necessitate access to building roofs
  • Deliver quick win green roofs with enthusiastic businesses / building owners. Solutions such as pocket habitat are a rapid approach to greening almost any flat roof
  • Work with Camden Council to strengthen policies on new developments and building refurbishments to ensure they include green roofs in line with the overall strategy
  • Develop a tree and green wall strategy for Tottenham Court Road
  • Implement shared surface paving and tree avenues for Charlotte Street
  • Deliver temporary mobile planters
  • Work with businesses and building owners to support vision for window boxes / planters / hanging baskets across the BID district

For a summary copy of the report please contact us.