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Managing Fitzrovia’s Street Environment

Street Management

We have regular meetings with the Camden Borough Monitoring Officer to discuss hot spots for waste and cleansing and to find resolutions to these issues. The services delivered by Camden are monitored against their baseline and where there appear to be shortfalls we work with the Borough Monitoring Officer to rectify these  or raise them with the Council.

We aim to:-

  • Identify and reduce the level of flytipping
  • Ensure that waste is presented on the street for collection correctly and not spread along the street
  • That bins, both litter and recycling,are emptied regularly and waste is not allowed to build up
  • That areas of paving with heavy staining and grime are identified and cleansed
  • That street furniture is clean and fit for use
  • That rough sleepers and beggars are reported to the right agencies to ensure that they can be signposted to the relevant help.

The chart below provides a breakdown of the tasking issues attended to by our Ambassadors in the period from August to December 2015.

Month on Month Comparison - August -December 2015.



Over the month of December the Ambassadors preformed a variety of tasks from checking Chritsmas decorations, Business Visits (crime, networking and waste survey), CBAC data registration, Reporting waste issues and collections, litter picking in The Warren and Crabtree Fields to reporting begging and rough sleepers.

Reporting Lethal Highs

The team was briefed by Trading Standards regarding lethal highs and the reporting of such to Trading Standards.


Additional Policing

Additional Policing started on 30 November 2015, with our Ambassadors working jointly with the Police attending visits where security officers and managers benefit from the informal meetings and crime prevention advice given.

The officer’s patrol in their high viz jackets and with their beat duty helmets ensuring their presence is felt through out the area.


Street Cleansing

Our programme of weekly cleanses continues, with a total of 494sq metres cleaned in December in the following locations.

07 December 2015 – Tottenham Court Road between Beaumont Place and Grafton Way.

14 December 2015 – Midford Place to Maple Street concentrating on Halifax Building Society.

Street Cleansing - November

There is a substantial build-up of grime and dirt especially around street furniture and alfresco dining areas. To supplement this service we are also working with our contractors as to the best way to deal with areas which get dirty and grimy more regularly such as where food waste and rubbish sacks are often placed.

The street cleansing programme continues each Monday night, with the exception of between 15 December and 18 January 2016 when a new cycle of cleansing will commence. Our Ambassadors will visit premises operating adjacent to the area to be cleaned and will make sure that the managers are aware of the cleansing.


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