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Resolving Local Issues

The Ambassador Service contribute to the deterring of crime and anti-social behaviour in the area. Working closely with Camden Council and the Police, we ensure that Fitzrovia is a safe place to work and visit. 


Our Ambassadors have been tackling recent issues associated with individuals lighting fires in Whitfield Gardens and a couple camping on the street outside of Barclays near Tottenham Court Road tube station. We have worked closely with Camden Council and the police in a bid to address the issue. These cases have now been taken to the Court and Community Protection Notices have been served to the individuals involved with strict conditions, which see them leave the area.

We will continue to signpost rough sleepers to Camden Council so that they can be offered support if they want it. If you are experiencing an issue with rough sleepers on your premises please get in touch with our Ambassador team by calling 020 7755 3398 or email ambassadors@fitzroviapartnership.com.

Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

Our Ambassadors and the police have been working together to tackle crime in the area. During the three days before Christmas, the police issued seven dispersal notices to individuals who have been causing anti-social behaviour on Tottenham Court Road. They have also arrested a male for breach of court order who had been begging in the area.

If you witness any suspect activity or are involved in an incident, please dial 999 immediately.

If you have any further enquiries about our Ambassador service, or would like to discuss an issue that is affecting your business, please get in touch with our Operations Manager, David Fereday, via email or call 020 7755 3398.