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Ride and Park – The BID helps to secure more cycle parking for it’s members.

Last year, you may remember the BID undertook a cycling rack audit with Camden Council.

Thanks to the work of our ambassadors, the BID identified 23 locations across Fitzrovia that could benefit from new or improved cycle racks.  After meeting with Camden’s engineers, we were successful in installing 14 new racks and renovating a further 11 for the area. The new racks have been located at various locations, including Warren Street, Goodge Street, and Windmill Street.

On top of these new racks that have been installed or refurbished, the BID also identified 17 abandoned bicycles that have now been removed, providing further much needed space.

In total there are now 42 new racks and spaces made available at key locations within Fitzrovia by the BID for bicycles, meaning that many more cyclists can use the racks for safely and conveniently parking their bicycles when travelling to or from work.

Contact a member of the team to find out more about support for cycling in Fitzrovia.