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Strengthening Fitzrovia’s Street Management

In June we welcomed Wojciech Wojteczek to the team as our Street Ambassador with the responsibility of working in partnership with our members, Camden Council and the local community to keep out streets clean and tidy. To advise businesses on how to dispose of waste and to raise concerns with the council with a view to resolving long term issues such as fly tipping. To identify and report highway faults. In July we have reported 127 issues, most focusing on fly tipping and fly posting.

An area where we are making a difference is the removal of illicit trade cards from the many phone boxes in the area. To date we have removed over 1400 cards. In doing so a person replacing the cards was identified and arrested in the act of replacing the cards. The indiviual was charged and dealt with in court. This is a process that we hope to repeat in the future.

We have also concentrated on our efforts to reduce the number of beggars operating in the area and rough sleepers, these we report to the Camden Safer Streets Team and the police to ensure they are identified to the relevant agency to support and help them. There are a number of services available to them and we want to ensure that they get their help.

By working with Tfl and London Underground we have successfully managed to have the front of Goodge Street Station cleaned of years’ worth of grime and graffiti. This is the first step in our project to clean and add a sparkle to the entrance to Tottenham Court Road. We are now working with Tfl to have the signage and lighting fixed and maintained.

We have reported 25 redundant road work signs and cones to Camden and these are being removed from our streets rather than being left cluttering the pavements and hindering pedestrians.

The team have also been busy meeting our open door members to discuss your day to day operational concerns. The items coming forth most often are that of shoplifting and anti-social behaviour. We are addressing these issues at our monthly Business Watch Meetings where we have now started sharing photographs amongst those members that are signed up to the data sharing process.  The local police team attend these meetings and discuss local crime issues, their priorities and what they are doing to reduce the level of crime. We would welcome your input at these meetings. Shoplifting is an issue that working together we can challenge with your help.

The next  Business Watch Meeting is scheduled for Thursday 20 August, 10am.

We hope to see you there. To register please email the ambassador team or call on 020 7755 3192.