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The Crossrail project will shortly achieve a major milestone

This is the first stage of the phased introduction of the new service that will be named the Elizabeth line when it opens through central London in December 2018.

The Elizabeth line is set to increase central London’s rail capacity by 10 per cent when it is fully operational. The accessible railway will serve 40 stations, with up to 24 trains per hour in each direction, giving an additional 1.5 million people better access to jobs and opportunities in London’s major employment centres.

Training of the new operations workforce is well underway. Drivers are familiarising themselves with the new trains and route, while apprentices are gaining experience working across the network. Crossrail’s purpose-built training facility, the Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy (TUCA), has now become part of the Transport for London family. Offering apprenticeships and training, the centre will support the next generation workforce for rail and tunnelling projects.

The Crossrail project is now 83 per cent complete. The programme is continuing with construction of stations progressing well across the route. Tunnels, shafts and portals are being fitted out with cables, ventilation fans and all the communication and signalling systems required to operate the railway.

The first of the platform screen doors have been installed at Paddington station. Bespoke to the Elizabeth line, these will separate passengers from tracks and provide safe and easy access onto the trains. Platform lighting and real-time digital travel information will help with onward journeys.

As the year goes on, we will see the stations and tunnels come to life. While there’s plenty to do to get ready for the Elizabeth line, the project will continue to share its lessons learned along the way. There are now nearly 500 case studies freely available on the Crossrail Learning Legacy website, with more on the way, for the benefit of future projects. Visit the Learning Legacy website for more information.

Howard Smith, Operations Director

Watch: The latest update from Cross Rail

Time Line - Cross Rail


The new accessible trains will be some of the most advanced on the UK rail system, making them more reliable, easier to maintain and more efficient. The first of the Class 345 Elizabeth line trains have begun to roll off the production line and are undergoing an intense schedule of testing ahead of their introduction into services on TfL Rail. Read more…

Station Update - Cross Rail


Black glazed walls up at Tottenham Court Road
Installation of glazed walls wrapping the Dean Street entrance to the new station is complete. The five metre-high panels will allow natural light to filter into the ticket hall during the day and station lighting to illuminate the street at night. Read more…

Farringdon’s bespoke ceilings complete  
Distinct ceilings, bespoke for each of the two ticket halls, are now structurally complete at Farringdon station. Below ground, 95 per cent of the wall cladding has been installed on platforms and 65 per cent in the concourses. Read more…

First platform screen doors installed 
The first platform screen doors have been installed in the westbound tunnel at Paddington station and are now also being installed at Bond Street station. Full height platform screens will line the length of the platforms in the eight new underground stations. Read more…

Getting ready to install 120 metre-long canopy and artwork at Paddington
Works are underway to commence installation of the 120 metre-long glazed canopy above the station entrance. This includes erecting support beams and temporary decking to cover the 90 metre-long open space above the station. Read more…

Final dig at Liverpool Street marks the end of excavation 
The last piece of earth was excavated at Liverpool Street marking the end of an immense and complex excavation programme on the project. More than seven million tonnes of spoil has been excavated since construction began in 2009. Read more…


At Abbey Wood, the iconic new station continues to take shape with the completion of zinc cladding above the distinctive timber framed roof. Interior fit-out and construction of the staircases are currently underway. Installation of the new Elizabeth line tracks is now complete and they have been handed over for railway systems works to commence.

Network Rail has now electrified 19 kilometres of railway to the west of London between Stockley Junction and Maidenhead as part of the Crossrail project. Electrification will allow Great Western Railway to run new electric trains from London Paddington to Maidenhead from this May and to Didcot in January 2018, delivering more seats for passengers.


Nestled in one of the City’s leading financial centres, the new Liverpool Street station stretches from the existing Moorgate station to Liverpool Street station, weaving through existing underground infrastructure. The two new Elizabeth line ticket halls share a unified design that makes the most of the minimal space available in this dense urban landscape. Read more…

Watch: Platform for Design – Liverpool Street Station


A new virtual exhibition is giving more people the chance to explore the archaeological artefacts unearthed during Crossrail’s construction. The new immersive website is based on the exhibition ‘Tunnel: The Archaeology of Crossrail’, on display at the Museum of London Docklands. Online visitors can explore panoramas of the galleries and interact with 10 new rotating 360 degree images of the most exciting discoveries, including the Walbrook Valley skulls and Roman coins. Read more…

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