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The Fitzrovia Partnership Business Watch Meetings

The  Fitzrovia Partnership Business Watch Meetings, hosted by Business Against Crime (CBAC) and The Fitzrovia Partnership and held monthly, are an opportunity to introduce our local Police and Council officers to our business members allowing crime and anti-social behaviour, crime trends, suspects and crime prevention to be discussed.

Attendance at the Business Watch Meetings will give you an opportunity to:

  • Access to photographs of the most prolific, current and active individuals involved in crime, disorder and antisocial behaviour
  • Become a member of a radio link to notify CCTV and other users of incidents occurring to allow them to monitor the situation and take appropriate action
  • Learn about an Exclusion Notice scheme barring persistent offenders and troublemakers from all members’ premises
  • Contribute to evidence in incident reports which can be used to apply for anti-social behaviour orders

This is members chance to have a say and help reduce crime levels in the area. The BID welcomes representatives from office based businesses at the meeting.

Business Watch Meeting Dates:

Wednesday, 12 October

Tuesday, 10 November

All meetings will commence at 3pm, lasting approximately 2hrs.

We hope to see you there. To register please email the ambassador team or call on 020 7755 3192.