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The Fitzrovia Partnership’s makes national headlines this month with it’s Green Infrastructure Audit.

In conjunction with Arup’s Cities Alive team, who produced the Green Infrastructure Audit (GIA), The Guardian newspaper has reported on the BID’s work in Greening Fitzrovia.

“The work highlights the value of green infrastructure to planners, architects, designers, as well as developers, public authorities, landowners and users”, they write.
“It defines green infrastructure as integrated networks of open spaces, woodland and parks, green streets, squares, healthy waterways, cycle ways and pedestrian routes as well as green roofs, walls and facades.”
With the aim to establish Fitzrovia as one of the greenest BIDs in London, with a particular focus on increasing footfall and improving air quality, the GIA audited the existing green assets of Fitzrovia alongside the objectives of businesses, residents and stakeholders to present an overall strategy and vision for the future. During the summer months, the BID will be implementing the first phase of this work, with planters and air quality-friendly foliage appearing at primary locations along Tottenham Court Road and Charlotte Street.

The document is acting as a catalyst to agreeing how the businesses and communities of Fitzrovia will work together to enhance the green infrastructure of our area.

The GIA has recommended:

  • The installation of one or more rain gardens to manage potential future flooding, improve bio-diversity and promote air quality
  • Develop a green roof strategy for the whole Fitzrovia area, which will necessitate access to building roofs
  • Deliver quick-win green roofs with enthusiastic businesses / building owners. Solutions such as pocket habitat are a rapid approach to greening almost any flat roof
  • Work with Camden Council to strengthen policies on new developments and building refurbishments to ensure they include green roofs in line with the overall strategy
  • Develop a tree and green wall strategy for Tottenham Court Road
  • Implement shared surface paving and tree avenues for Charlotte Street
  • Deliver mobile planters
  • Work with businesses and building owners to support vision for window boxes / planters / hanging baskets across the BID district

For a summary copy of the report please contact us.