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The West End Project Update

The Fitzrovia Partnership meets on a monthly basis with the Camden Project Manager Kevin Stears responsible for delivering the West End Project. Read about the main points following the December meeting.

  • Work will start to remove the 8 central light columns on Tottenham Court Road in the 2nd or 3rd week of January. This piece of work will ¬†take time to complete and will undoubtedly cause some disruption whilst the work takes place. The bases of each column will be dug out and may be cut out. As these are historic lamp posts and probably quite delicate this could take some time to complete. The lights will then be sent to away for a total refurb’ before being returned to their new location between Alfred Place and Torrington Place.
  • Next, will be the removal of the central traffic islands on Tottenham Court Road, these will be flattened out to reduce congestion whilst the work takes place.
  • The removal of traffic lights will follow, these will be replaced with temporary lights. New traffic signals will be introduced as work continues along Tottenham Court Road.
  • The actual work to replace the paving and road surface is still planned¬† to start in early 2017 at two locations in Tottenham Court Road. The first being Tottenham Court Road near to Goodge Street and the second being at the Northern end of Tottenham Court Road near to Warren Street. The actual detail as to how these works will be managed has yet to be agreed.
  • The site village where the work cabins and storage area are to situated are to be in Alfred Place. The area will be hoarded off and will be single story.
  • All other works on Tottenham Court Road will be protected by Heras fencing with a liner so as not to obscure the shops.
  • The street lighting will be the same design as the one just installed outside the Dominion Theatre at the Southern end of Tottenham Court Road and there will be 36 columns instead of the current 38.
  • A landscape Designer/Architect will be appointed shortly, following this we will learn what the parklets and Alfred Place may look like.
  • There are discussions taking place between London Borough of Camden, The War Memorial Trust and Just Rifles the charitable organisation, with regards to restoring and showcasing the monument in Chenies Street.

The Fitzrovia Partnership will continue to meet with the Camden Project Manager on a monthly basis. If anyone has any specific questions to ask please email David.Fereday@fitzroviapartnership.com

You will have the chance to ask Kevin Stears questions as he has agreed to attend our next Networking Event in January. The date will be announced shortly.