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Updates on the areas changing landscape and developments

As investments into the area continue to grow Fitzrovia’s streetscape is ever changing, playing host to multiple large redevelopments and construction works in the coming months.

Charlotte Street

In addition to the details provided in the dedicated 80 Charlotte Street-Bulletin July 2016 a new planning agreement has been approved for halls of residence in Charlotte Street. The plan is to refurbish the front of the building along with internal works. A start date has yet to be agreed, however this will impact on both pedestrian and vehicular traffic for Charlotte Street.  The project managers for both 80 Charlotte Street and the halls of residence are working together to minimise disruption.

Work continues at a number of sites along the road along with  the creation of a work area at street level at 63/65 Charlotte Street which will increase the vehicular traffic in the street. The plan is to have a loading bay in front of the premises for deliveries and removals.

Howland Street

Brookfield Muliplex have started the demolition of parts of the site referred to as 80 Charlotte Street.  The planned gantry over Howland Street is intended for installation this August.

Huntley Street

Demolition of existing buildings and the building of a new cancer unit has led to the closure of Capper Street to allow for redirection of heating ducts which run below the road surface. Time line for this is not yet confirmed, with work still progressing and a date to reopen Capper Street yet to be set.

Torrington Place

UCL are installing a huge data bank in their buildings in Torrington Place. The project proposes to run up to 6 cable ducts along the centre of Torrington Place all the way from Tavistock Square.  A number of trial holes are to be dug shortly to establish what is under the road surface and to understand how the piping can be laid. The work is likely to begin later in the year.

Tottenham Court Road Tube Station

Demolition work of the old Oxford Street entrance has started behind scaffolding.

The construction of the final highways work continues to progress well. Once it is complete, pedestrians will be allowed to use the wider pavement in its final layout.

The road closure on Charing Cross Road remains in place and the plan is to open the new road up to traffic at the end of July.

There are works continuing at Dominion Corner, including the construction of the new signalised crossing and kerb line.

Further details can be found in the Tottenham Court Road Monthly Update.

Whitfield Street

The demolition of the roof of 65 Whitfield Street and the erection of the steel work to retain the façade in Whitfield Street will commence in July. The hoarding is likely to be completed around the whole perimeter in July with site access for vehicles will be Chitty Street.


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