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Working with You to Improve the Street Management

In the month of June The Fitzrovia Partnership welcomed our latest addition to the team Street Ambassador, Wojciech Wojteczek. This role brings with it a focus on added extra shine to the public realm by providing additional management of the public realm. Wojciech will provide an extra set of eyes and ears on the street, identifying and reporting waste issues, tiding waste where necessary, removing fly posting cards in telephone boxes, removing sticky labels and a whole host of other tasks to help provide a cleaner and better managed environment for our members and the visiting public. 

To help Wojciech in his work the Partnership is also pleased to announce the introduction of a cargo bicycle to help our Street Ambassador to transport his tools and other items. The cycle was purchased from a local supplier based in Albany Street.

The Operations team ensures that street management issues such as fly tipping,  missed waste collections, highway faults and abandoned road work signs are reported to Camden Council. The Operations Team monitor all reports of issues reported to the Council and reviews their response to make sure that the problem is resolved at the earliest opportunity. Response times and blockages are discussed at monthly partnership meetings.

The Operations team identify and report anti-social behaviour and crime issues such as begging, theft, street drinking and rough sleepers occurring in the area. These are reported to the police and Camden Council.  As a result of our partnership approach our Police Safer Neighbourhood Team targeted anti-social behaviour in Tottenham Court Road and in 1 week issued 12 dispersal orders banning individuals believed to be taking part in anti-social behaviour from the area for 48hours.

Our voluntary agreement with the Public Fundraisers Regulatory Association who manage those face to face fund raisers found on Tottenham Court Road. This has resulted in the recording of 30 visits to Tottenham Court Road. On 6 occasions the fund raisers were found to be breaching the regulations by not notifying us in advance and were asked to leave the area. On each occasion the complied with our requests.

The monthly Fitzrovia Business Watch meetings provide an opportunity for businesses to discuss their concerns with regard to crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.

If you have any concerns regarding street management please let us know and we will endeavour to help resolve them with you.