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Reducing Costs – Libra Connect

Libra Connect is our preferred handyman services provider.
Main Contact: Zack Thompson
Email: zack.thompson@libraconnect.com
Telephone Number: 01245211010

Established in 2002, Libra provides a variety of services such as painting & decoration, Fire Risk and H&S Assessments, plumbing, carpet installation, rubbish removal, furniture construction and much more.

Recovery plan Covid-19
On return to your business, member businesses will have to consider the following to ensure that their premises and staff are safe. Now is a great opportunity to contact our preferred Handyman Service provider to get important work done as staff are out of the office; which means there will be no disruption to work taking place.

If you require assistance contacting the suppliers or on what you should be considering before moving your staff back into the office, please email savings@fitzroviapartnership.com.

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