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Reducing Costs – Full Power Utilities

Full Power Utilities

Full Power Utilities is a well respected utility broker, helping businesses to find the best utility rates possible. With them, and the Fitzrovia Partnership, you can save on your gas and electric bills.

Main Contact Name: Lee Hyams
Email: leehyams@fullpowerutilities.com
Telephone Number: 0203927835

Recovery Plan Covid-19
The current stance from suppliers on a few fronts is not to cancel Direct Debits. This is because late payment fees would still be applicable with several suppliers. The customers usage in this period will fall to next to nothing so in most cases, they will only be charged for the standing charge which is a small daily amount.

Pause breaks with suppliers from what we are seeing is unlikely however as above, business monthly invoices will be extremely low when produced.

The market is extremely low at present. It has fallen for gas and electricity due to current events. If any members renewal is due anytime within the next 12 months, I would strongly suggest they take advantage of the current prices because as soon as this is resolved and we all go back to work, prices will jump back up to previous market rates.

We are here to support members: Please contact savings@fitzroviapartnership.com if you would like to find out more on this topic.

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