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Reducing Costs – GMA

GMA is our preferred IT, Cyber Security and Telecoms service provider

Main Contact Name: Gregory Micallef
Email: sales@gmal.co.uk
Phone: 020 8778 7759

GMA help businesses to have a secure and efficient IT systems. Their services range from email support, VPN and internet support, web and digital services to telephone services and more.

Recovery Plan Covid-19
Asking staff to work from home has been a new concept for some businesses. This may provide businesses with the want/willingness to continue some aspects of this once lockdown restrictions have been eased/lifted:

GMA have put together a list of things worth consideration when you have staff returning to the office after a prolonged period of remote working.

• All the equipment that you have sent employees home with must be returned if they are not continuing to work remotely in some capacity.  Check the items back in using the serial number logs taken when the equipment was given out.

 • Decide who no longer requires VPN access and remove.  Don’t forget to cancel any additional licences (read the cancellation information) and bandwidth purchased for remote working if it is no longer required.

 • Keep alerting all staff to the possibility of email-borne threats and other social engineering attacks.  There will always be scams, phishing attacks, and other threats.  You are now in the habit of alerting staff to possible attacks…keep this going.  As always, the message to employees should be to not open unfamiliar emails and certainly don’t click on any attachments or links to external pages from any suspect emails.

 • Continue to make employees aware that they must use only strong, unique passwords to sign-in to your network, and that these details should be changed regularly e.g. every 3 months and that multi-factor authentication is still being used by employees.

 • USB drives sometimes contain sensitive data and can easily be lost, the advice on this remains the same.  They are also an easy way for malware to find its way onto your computers.  We strongly recommend using anti-virus tools where appropriate, only allow products supplied by your organisation to be used, protect data at rest on removable media, request that staff use alternative means of transfer such as cloud storage or collaboration tools.

 • Communicate with your staff, let them know how returning to the workplace will happen.  Provide advice and support where necessary, this may not be a simple transition.  Some people will want to get back to the workplace very quickly, others may find it noisy and disruptive for a short while whilst they reconnect with commuting to work and being in the workplace.

• In order to work remotely and still collaborate you took advantage of technology.  Is this the new way of working for the business? If not and you are going back to the way you worked before the crisis cancel any licenses no longer required (read the cancellation information) and ensure that all staff know what software to use and procedures and policy to follow.

 • If you are continuing to allow some staff remote working, then please keep in place any policies brought in for a device is lost or stolen.

 • This situation also highlights how business continuity planning and disaster recovery plans should have disease epidemic and pandemic scenarios built-in to them for the future, and this situation is likely to expose what work needs to be done by many companies in the months and years to come.  Embracing the technology now will provide SME’s and larger organisations the ability to move forward in a world where remote working may become the new norm’. 

If members are unsure about any of the items above or have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact savings@fitzroviapartnership.com or contact GMA directly using the details provided above.

On Return

Once businesses return to their bases, GMA can continue to manage IT and telecom services for member businesses at a preferred rate. Please contact savings@fitzroviapartnership.com to find out more.

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