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Reducing Costs – Oracle Solutions

Oracle Solutions provides services for asbestos management, training, surveys and removal.
Main Contact Name: Rianne Scott
Email: rscott@oracleasbestos.com
Telephone Number: 0844 800 0801

Oracle Solutions offer asbestos solutions and training to businesses throughout the UK. They are fully accredited, licensed, certified and insured.

Recovery Plan Covid-19
On return to your business, member businesses will have to consider the following to ensure that their premises and staff are safe.

HSE-recognised, UKATA-certified Asbestos Training
Oracle deliver every type of asbestos course you will ever need – including bespoke training courses relevant to your organisation nationwide such as Asbestos Awareness.

Complete Asbestos Management
Managing your asbestos may be a long or short-term requirement. You can rest easy knowing that Oracle will understand, and are experts in legal compliance when it comes to asbestos management. They will thoroughly outline the asbestos management plan process, and put together the right management plan for your specific needs.

Asbestos Removal – HSE Licensed/Non-Licensed
Oracle also provide nationwide HSE-licensed asbestos removal, remediation and disposal. They can offer you the most cost-effective (as members), fast, safe and quality-driven asbestos removal services available. You will have the best, most highly-trained team to deliver your project – on time and on budget.

Asbestos Surveys – UKAS Accredited
All survey types and testing, delivered to you when you need it nationwide. Oracle offer you fully-compliant and insured information – allowing you to effectively manage your asbestos. You will have fully-trained, certified and highly-experienced asbestos surveying consultants helping you achieve your desired outcome. If you need any type of asbestos survey, inspection or testing, we have the solution you need.

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