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BID Renewal

During 2017, The Fitzrovia Partnership will be renewing its business mandate for a further 5 years by seeking your approval of our Business Plan 2017-22.  This document accompanies the publication Shaping Change in Fitzrovia.

The ongoing objectives are to deliver clear and measurable benefits to businesses and the wider community in Fitzrovia, enhance Fitzrovia’s position as a destination of choice and enable the current organisation to evolve, enhance its already active role and provide additional value back to its members.

To discuss the transformational projects taking place in the area, please email info@fitzroviapartnership.com or call a member of the team on 020 7755 3192.


Key documents

Business Plan 2017-22

Shaping Change in Fitzrovia

Fitzrovia Partnership Baseline Agreement 2012-2017

List of Voters

Consultation Summary