Using your vote

A successful BID has to have ‘buy-in’ from the majority of those businesses who will finance it – both for a successful vote and also to ensure the partnership evolves in a positive environment.

Governed by government legislation and regulations, BIDs are statutorily established once voted for by the majority of businesses in an area and have a maximum term of five years before returning to their electorate for renewal. Once a majority vote has been achieved, a BID levy becomes mandatory on all defined ratepayers.

For a BID to be introduced, the ballot of business must meet two conditions: a majority in number of those voting and a majority in proportion of rateable value of those voting. The BID levy is then applicable to all eligible businesses.

When the majority of eligible businesses vote to establish a Business Improvement District (BID), they create a legal vehicle and give it legitimacy as the voice of local businesses.

Throughout the UK, this combination has proved a powerful force for delivery of change.





your ballot will be distributed on 27 June 2022 which gives you the opportunity to vote on this business proposal for the renewal of the Fitzrovia Partnership BID.

To ensure neutrality, the BID ballot will be administered by the Council’s Returning Officer and Electoral Services staff. It will be arranged in line with the rules set out in the BID regulations (2004) as approved by Parliament.  

27 June 2022

5pm on 28 July 2022

29 July 2022

All eligible businesses will be entitled to one vote per hereditament. Some businesses occupying more than one hereditament within the area will therefore be entitled to more than one vote.

A full list of businesses eligible to vote is available here.

To discuss this document in more detail please call 020 3146 4260 to speak to Lee Lyons or e-mail here.

Full ballot arrangements are available here.

The BID is your opportunity to have an influential voice and implement changes that will positively affect your business and help us all to promote a thriving Fitzrovia.

Working together with our partners and our local communities, we can ensure that The Fitzrovia remains a vibrant, viable and sustainable area which works for businesses and residents and of which everyone can be proud.

It’s your vote.
Use it.

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