2022 > 2027 OUR AMBITION

The Fitzrovia Partnership provides a cohesive approach to help businesses achieve shared objectives and as an area we are making great strides to achieve a more economic and environmentally sustainable district.

Fiona Clark, Board Member
Practice Director and Co-owner, David Miller Architects

In response to the global challenges of sustainability, governing bodies such as the Mayor of London and Camden Council have set ambitious targets – and associated incentives and penalties – to address crucial issues such as air quality, social inequality and adaptation to climate change impacts. Consequently, businesses are having to take action to improve resource efficiency, working standards for employees and economic resilience.

2022 > 2027 OUR AMBITION


The need to minimise the impact of businesses on the environment is becoming both a moral and commercial imperative. Fitzrovia must be at the forefront of a transition to a more sustainable district model.

The Fitzrovia Partnership will be a key facilitator in the implementation of sustainable programmes at a local level, co-ordinating public-private sector partnerships to implement activities that have a greater cumulative impact and significantly, contribution to London’s goal to become “cleaner, greener and ready for the future”.

The Partnership has an important leadership role to play in the delivery. It will work with members to deliver collaborative activities which individual businesses often find difficult to achieve on their own. Within our large collective, The Partnership can communicate the shared vision, enabling members the opportunity to work with one another to benefit their business, whilst improving the economic and social sustainability for the area as a whole

The Fitzrovia Partnership believes that collaboration will become an essential requirement to drive added-value solutions for business and the wider community.

Our 2022-27 mandate will introduce work programmes that support the BID’s ‘Sustainable District Charter’, setting ambitions that address issues such as climate change, economic vitality and employment.

Increasingly businesses are recognising their role and responsibility both in protecting and enhancing the environment in which they operate. The Fitzrovia Partnership will bring together the many different activities of individual businesses in Fitzrovia into a framework aimed towards securing the future sustainability of the area.

The need to ensure that the BID makes a positive contribution to the environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) will be incorporated into every element of the BID’s activities.

Working in partnership with Camden Council, the activities of the Fitzrovia Partnership will support the objectives of the Camden Plan, and support the delivery of creating the conditions for economic growth and investing in our community to ensure a sustainable neighbourhood.



2022 > 2027 OUR AMBITION


As a Business Improvement District in central London, we bring businesses together in a defined geographical area which can help advance sustainability – playing a role in co-ordinating and delivering solutions working with a large number of stakeholders. Through our programmes and commercial relationships, we play a role in educating and influencing behaviour, acting as a conduit to drive sustainable development in our district.

Any activities and programmes we undertake, we are committed to minimising the environmental impacts of conducting business whilst improving the economic and social sustainability for businesses and residents alike. Our approach is guided by our Let’s Do Fitzero programme which aligns with governing bodies such as the Mayor of London and Camden Council to meet Londonwide targets.

We prioritise, where we can, projects which have the greatest impact and will continue to evolve and seek new opportunities for the district which contribute to our long-term target of Carbon Net Zero.

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