Business Improvement Districts provide effective organisational models which bring together the business community, both occupiers and owners, and public authorities, to work together for the benefit of defined locations.

The Fitzrovia Partnership will have two categories of membership:

The nomination of voluntary members will be supported by either a financial contribution of a fixed annual sum (cash or in-kind) or their strategic importance to the delivery of The Fitzrovia Partnership BID’s business objectives. Key groups might include smaller businesses that choose to join The Fitzrovia Partnership on a voluntary basis and property owners.

The BID is established as a not-for-profit, limited by guarantee company, overseen by a BID Management Team and governed by a Board of Directors, to achieve the things that businesses have asked for and have been identified within the business plan.



The Board of Directors, which is chosen from the businesses that form the constituency of the organisation, will lead and guide the work of The Fitzrovia Partnership BID. The Board will have the appropriate balance of skills, experience, independence and knowledge to enable them to discharge their respective duties and responsibilities effectively. It will also seek diversity and ensure a representative mix of its membership.

The Board drives our stated aims and objectives and maintains good governance, overseeing the budget and monitoring performance.

Board Members

David Whittleton, Arup (Chairman)
David Byrne, The Doctors Laboratory (Deputy Chair)
John Bonning, The Building Centre
Jason Parker, Make Architects
Rebecca De Souza, Heal’s
Vasiliki Arvaniti, Derwent London
Neil Robbie, City of London
Fiona Clark, David Miller Architects
Simon Wolny, UCLH
Aristos Papasavva, Gigs
Niccolo Consigli, MyBloomsbury
Jimmy Munoz, Metro Bank
Warren Fry, McDonalds
Richard Jackson, UCL
Rebecca Hossack, Rebecca Hossack Gallery


Cllr Adam Harrison, Cabinet Member, Camden Council
Inspector Paul Clarke, Metropolitan Police
Abbas Raza, Transport for London




The BID Board will meet quarterly and drive the set aims and objectives of the Company, as well as maintaining good governance, overseeing the budget and monitoring performance. The Board will consist of between 12-18 non-Executive Directors including the Chair. Directors will be appointed by the Board subject to ratification by the BID members at annual meetings of the company.

* Further details available in the Company Articles of Association

* To view the Operating Agreement and Baseline Agreement go to fitzroviapartnership.com

Observers can be appointed by the Board subject to ratification by BID members at annual meetings of the company.

The BID seeks to embrace the business and wider community with a programme of work that meets its stated aims and objectives. To help guide the BID in this pursuit, Board sub-groups might be set up to encourage participation and add value to the decision-making of the BID. Areas of focus will include finance and governance.

Management Team

The delivery of the BID’s business plan will be led by the Management team, accountable to the Chairman and Board. The team will work with the Board and sub-group members, partners and specialist service providers to ensure the effective implementation of the agreed annual action plan.

The Council

A key relationship will exist between the BID and the Council. The Council is the main determining authority in respect of the streets and properties in the area of the BID. Two important legal agreements will exist between the BID and the Council:

Voluntary members

Businesses of all sizes will be important to The Fitzrovia Partnership BID. The BID will maintain a voluntary membership scheme for businesses falling beneath the BID levy threshold or outside of the BID’s geographical area. This will give smaller businesses the opportunity to engage with, and benefit from, the BID, while not being compelled to contribute a mandatory levy. By enabling businesses with a rateable value of less than 160,000 to provide a voluntary levy, we will be able to enhance the level of the annual budget. Membership fees will be based on the same methodology as BID levy members.

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