The Fitzrovia Partnership provides a cohesive approach to help businesses achieve shared objectives and as an area we are making great strides to achieve a more economic and environmentally sustainable district.

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LFA at 20 – Reimagine

The Fitzrovia Partnership and London Festival of Architecture have formed a four year partnership to showcase Fitzrovia, often referred to as the spiritual home of architecture. For 2024, Fitzrovia will be a hub of activity through a Destination and it will host an archictectural competition which addresses a public realm issue identified in the area. 

This month long celebration of architecture and city-making, taking place every June across London. The Festival’s mission is to open up discussions around architecture, test new ideas and uncover and promote new talent.

What makes the LFA unique is that the LFA programme is people-led and curated by event organisers; we believe in the power of collaboration with the people who live, shape, and truly know London. It’s the breadth and creativity of this community of event organisers that delivers such a varied and engaging programme of events for the festival each June.


Welcome to 'Warren Street Design Competition'

We are delighted that team ‘Able and Elliott Wood’, a collaboration between Able Partners, an architecture practice, and Elliott Wood a structural engineering firm in Fitzrovia have won the ‘Warren Street Design’ competition. Rabbit Warren Street will unveil a highly creative solution that reimagines the entry into Fitzrovia via Warren Street.

Rabbit Warren Street, created by Able & Partners with Elliot Wood, is a fun and bold solution which will improve the pedestrian area outside the station and encourage passers-by to ‘dive into’ Fitzrovia through eye-catching wayfinding.

This exciting placemaking intervention is funded by corporate sponsors, it builds on Fitzrovia’s history of pushing creative boundaries and aims to shift perspectives on what can be done with the public realm to pave the way for future schemes.

Their bold proposal – which takes the idea of a ‘rabbit warren’ as an approach to navigation – demonstrated a strength of vision, playfulness and a deep understanding of the local context. Seeking to transform the area around Warren Street to improve the experience of the public realm and invite passers-by to ‘dive into’ Fitzrovia, eye-catching wayfinding will be threaded throughout the scheme. It will guide pedestrians to less polluted and safer pathways through Fitzrovia and be a discovery of its rich heritage and unique central London offering.

The competition focuses on improving gateways into Fitzrovia and tests public realm schemes to improve navigation and the overall experience around the area. 

Local community groups and businesses have been invited to contribute to a conceptual map of Warren Street to aid visitors and locals alike to understand the ‘warren’.

Rabbit Warren Street Party, 6 - 7 June 2024

Join us for the launch and big reveal of Rabbit Warren Street  on Thursday 6 June from 12pm when the area will be transformed into a pedestrian-friendly ‘meadow’.

Local independent bars, restaurants, retail outlets will showcase their offerings, with playful themed menu items and drinks and local discounts.  A live band will be present on Thursday. The street activation will continue on Friday with extended street dining from 8am – 8pm.

Key sponsors include The Doctor’s Laboratory, Heath Services Laboratories, Capital Arches Group (McDonald’s) and Rifles Security Solutions. This sponsorship has enabled upcoming architects, designers and artists to develop solutions without the usual constraints.  

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Fitzrovia, LFA2024 Destination with Fitzrovia Lates

Fitzrovia is a new Destination for the 2024 Festival which will be a Fitzrovia-wide celebration with more than 24 events throughout June.

Fitzrovia Lates takes place on Thursday 6 June from 6pm – 9pm and is a diverse and inclusive evening of events, workshops and exhibitions for Londoners and visitors to explore architectural practices in the district.

Developed collaboratively with local stakeholders, these events bring together creativity, community and city-making practices which reflect the unique identities of people and the area.

Key dates: 

5 June from 2pm (press): Pre-reveal of Rabbit Warren Street
5 June, 5pm-6pm: Warren Street Resident thank you by invitation
5 June, 6pm-8pm: TFP Member Pre-Reveal Party

6 June from 12pm: Launch of Rabbit Warren Street
6 June, 6pm-9pm:  Studio Lates in Fitzrovia

7 June, 8am-8pm: Rabbit Warren Street

Throughout June: Fitzrovia Destination and events – view full events schedule



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