The Fitzrovia Partnership plays an important role in enabling business continuity and resilience for businesses in the area. Thanks to its savings and procurement programme – the most successful of any BID in the country – we have seen significant bottom-line savings.

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Veolia Camden offers up to three collections per day, seven days a week.

Additional collections can be provided the next day for our existing customers if required as well as a cost-effective ad-hoc bulky waste collection service.


Our collection fleet is comprised of compressed natural gas (CNG) and ULEZ compliant diesel vehicles. All bag and bin deliveries are completed in fully electric vehicles.

Veolia Camden co-collects commercial and residential waste, maximising efficiency and reducing vehicle movements and associated emissions.


Veolia Camden provides a wide range of recycling services directly including food, glass, cardboard and mixed recycling, as well as access to a range of Veolia services such as confidential, coffee cups, and WEEE.

We offer recycling and waste audits for your business to review what waste you’re producing, ensure you have the best service in place, and to provide guidance on how you can recycle more and waste less.

These audits are complemented by the recycling training we can provide to your employees.

Customer Service

We have a customer service team that is dedicated to the Veolia Camden commercial waste service. Contactable by phone or email, the team is your first port of call for help with collection queries, scheduling additional collections, setting up new services and any other questions regarding your service.

Alongside the team our Customer Hub provides access to invoices and waste transfer notes, and can also be used to place bag orders.


Our contract options allow for complete flexibility depending on your business requirements. Bags can be provided as a contracted service, with regular deliveries either monthly or quarterly, or as a pre-pay bag service if you need more flexibility.

All bins are subject to contract.


Veolia Camden can provide monthly and annual recycling reports to customers. These highlight recycling rates, tonnages and carbon savings. Our fleet utilises on-board weighing for our commercial bin collections, so the data in your report will accurately reflect the weight of your recycling and waste.

Awards and Accolades

Veolia have been selected as Camden Council’s preferred waste and recycling provider. As an organisation Veolia excels, winning 64 UK service awards including an Award for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management in 2021.


Veolia Camden’s Customer Hub is our online portal where customers can order bags, check invoices and access waste transfer notes.
Veolia Camden also provide monthly and annual reports to customers showing tonnages, recycling rates and carbon savings.

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