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Three sustainable themes will underpin the delivery of our programmes and projects.

We see the impact The Fitzrovia Partnership has in the business community with the support and direction they provide, always working towards the common goals of creating a thriving local economy which continues to attract inward investment.

David Kenningham, Managing Director
Kenningham Retail


Fitzrovia must be at the forefront of transitioning to a more sustainable district, working towards the goal of Carbon Net Zero. The Fitzrovia Partnership has an important leadership role to play in this. It will place sustainability at the heart of the organisation and behind activities in Fitzrovia encouraging collaboration between businesses, to drive added-value solutions for the area. This will mean leading campaigns on behalf of members to reduce the environmental impacts of conducting business, whilst improving the economic and social sustainability for businesses and other stakeholders.

The Partnership will be a key facilitator in the implementation of sustainable programmes at a local level. It will co-ordinate public-private sector partnerships to implement activities that have a greater cumulative footprint and significantly, contribute to Fitzrovia and London’s goal to become ‘cleaner, greener and ready for the future’.

Three Themes

Three sustainable themes will underpin the delivery of our programmes and projects.


The need to minimise the impact of businesses is both a moral and commercial imperative. Business Improvement Districts deliver collaborative activities which individual businesses often find difficult to achieve. Within a large collective, members have the opportunity to work with one another to benefit their business.

Sustainability Deliverables:


The Partnership places sustainability at the heart of its organisation and believes collaboration will increasingly be essential to driving added value for both business and the wider community.

Sustainability Deliverables:


Increasingly businesses are recognising their role and responsibility both in protecting and enhancing the environment in which they operate. The Fitzrovia Partnership seeks to bring together the many different activities of individual businesses in Fitzrovia into a framework aimed towards enhancing the future sustainability of the area.

Sustainability Deliverables:


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