Achieving a Sustainable Christmas

For the first time, a festive installation will be in the new Alfred Place Park. The beautiful 25 foot Christmas tree, will shine bright with refurbished, LED lights. All the lighting displays in the area will use refurbished LED lights and use minimum plastics. The light switch-on will take place on Tuesday 15 November.

Off-setting the cost of Christmas

To offset the cost of Christmas, we are also supporting The Earth Restoration Service which facilities tree planting, river restoration and the rehabilitation of wildflower meadows. Our donation will provide one School Tree Nursery with 50 native trees at a UK school and a Flutter Flower Meadow consisting of approximately 100 native wild flowers.

In addition to our own festive plans for the area, we would like to assist member businesses with their own sustainable solutions. If you are planning on having a real Christmas tree, we are currently negotiating with our preferred waste and recycling suppliers to be able to provide you a heavily subsidised Christmas tree disposal and recycling service

Any activities and programmes we undertake, we are committed to minimising the environmental impacts of conducting business whilst improving the economic and social sustainability for businesses and residents alike.

Our approach is guided by our Let’s Do Fitzero programme which aligns with governing bodies such as Mayor of London and local authorities to meet London-wide targets. We prioritise where we can have the greatest impact, and will continue to evolve and seek new opportunities for the district which contribute to our long-term target of Carbon Net Zero


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