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Business Climate Challenge 2022
Business Climate Challenge 2022

The Fitzrovia Partnership is partnering with the Greater London Authority to deliver the 2022 Mayor’s Business Climate Challenge (BCC). The BCC is a voluntary energy efficiency programme developed to support businesses in reducing their energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions. Participating businesses receive free customised technical advice to member organisations to help make their workplaces more energy efficient. This is a unique opportunity for The Fitzrovia Partnership members to start to future-proof their businesses against rising energy prices and help London become net zero by 2030.  

Findings from the pilot indicate that in the first 9 months of the programme BCC participants reduced their energy consumption on average by 16%, surpassing their target, and saving £ 8300 in energy costs.

How does it work?

The Fitzrovia Partnership will work with the GLA to recruit a number of member businesses and engage with them throughout the duration of the Challenge.  Participants pledge to reduce their energy consumption by 10% in the programme year and to help you do this you will receive a package of bespoke technical support from an energy consulting firm. The package includes a workplace audit and Display Energy Certificate (DEC), a recommendation report with energy efficiency measures to reduce energy consumption, a roadmap to net zero as well as individual one-to-one support and group training sessions. Participating businesses that take action will be promoted throughout the Challenge and those who reach the 10% target will be recognised in a Mayoral event at the end of the programme.

After a successful pilot run in 2021, the challenge is now being scaled up and was launched for 2022 by the Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, Shirley Rodrigues who has said: “London’s businesses have a key role to play the fight against climate change and collaborations like the Business Climate Challenge are going to be crucial way for the public and private sector to work together.

Business membership organisations have enormous potential to lead the city’s businesses in their efforts to become net-zero. I am excited to be partnering with nine membership organisations to support their businesses to reduce their energy use, costs and carbon emissions.”

The Business Climate Challenge will follow three main phases;

Challenge businesses to lower energy use

  • Commitment to reduce building energy consumption by 10%
  • Have energy audits provided

Support businesses in taking action

  • Ongoing coaching
  • Energy audits and follow up with technical support team
  • Bespoke supprot on light tough actions
  • Cohort wide trainings

Recognise businesses who meet or exceed targets

  • Listed on London.gov.uk webpages
  • Ceremony with Mayor of London
  • Participation acknowledgement
  • Social media recognition

More information

Businesses interested can apply by emailing Dan Johnson at dan.johnson@placemaking.london

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