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Consultation: Electric charging vehicle point on Fitzroy Street
Consultation: Electric charging vehicle point on Fitzroy Street

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Open until 3 March 2022

Camden Council have proposed to install a new electric vehicle charging point outside 52 Fitzroy Street. The council is committed to rolling out a network of electric vehicle charging points to encourage people who live, work, and visit the borough to use electric vehicles when there is an essential need for a motor vehicle. As electric vehicles become more popular the demand for charging points in Camden is growing.

Benefits to owning and using an electric vehicle include:
• Exemption from Vehicle Excise Duty and London’s Congestion Charge;
• Heavily discounted residents’ permit;
• Zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to our ambitions to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions in the borough and assist in improving air quality

Proposed changes – outside 52 Fitzroy Street:
The proposals consist of the following:
• To convert 10.5m of paid for parking space to two electric vehicle charging only spaces.
• To construct a small island on 2.3m of paid for parking space for the charge point to be located on.

The proposed works are scheduled to be implemented by June 2022, and will result in the loss of 3 paid for parking spaces. A statutory Traffic Management Order (TMO) consultation will run in parallel to this consultation, which will involve advertising the changes in local newspapers.

How to respond

Email fastevcp@camden.gov.uk and you must provide your postal address in order for your views to be considered.

See the plans mapped out for Fitzroy Street

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