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Council paves the way with new recycled roads
Council paves the way with new recycled roads

Westminster City Council, in collaboration with FM Conway, has implemented a new road surface featuring 92% recycled materials. This is the first time such high percentage of recycled material has been used on a road resurface in the UK. The road and footway upgrade used low-carbon techniques, resulting in a 78% total carbon saving, equivalent to around 100 tonnes of CO2. 

The asphalt, manufactured at lower temperatures and laid in a 30% thinner layer, reduced the overall tonnage by approximately 30%, saving carbon throughout the life cycle. The use of recycled content also reduced the need for virgin bitumen and quarried stone, preserving the natural environment and minimising carbon impact from material haulage.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Cabinet Member for City Management and Air Quality said:

“The use of 92% recycled materials is remarkable and a huge step in the right direction as part of the council’s commitment to creating a Fairer Environment.”

“We’re not only reducing our carbon footprint but also promoting a cleaner, greener future for Westminster. This is only the start of more carbon saving initiatives we’ll be trialling in the city to get us one step closer to hitting our net-zero targets.”


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