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Employers urged to be mindful of workplace temperatures
Employers urged to be mindful of workplace temperatures

As the UK experiences hotter and hotter temperatures, unions are becoming increasingly concerned for the working conditions of those working in hot temperatures.

Some workplaces, especially kitchens, can experience very high temperatures during heatwaves as the UK experienced this month, making it difficult or near impossible to work especially at a fast pace. There is no legal maximum working temperature in the UK, but government guidance states employers must ensure the temperature in indoor workplaces is “reasonable”, and provide fresh and clean air to premises. There are calls for changes in the law from the Trade Union Congress TUC, to set workplace temperature limits, and to adjust trading hours on sweltering days; maximum indoor working temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, or 27 degrees Celsius for those doing strenuous jobs, to indicate when work should stop.

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