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Queen’s Speech and Legislation 2022 – for businesses
Queen’s Speech and Legislation 2022 – for businesses

On May 10, the latest Parliament legislation was unveiled for the year ahead by HRH Prince of Wales. The Prince of Wales delivered the speech in the Her Majesty The Queen’s absence.

The governments’ aim is to grow and strengthen the economy, and help to ease the cost of living for families in the UK. Work and opportunities will be supported as well as more safety, support for the NHS and working to reduce inflation to its target.

Various bills were announced, including the most relevant for businesses, the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill. The bill will aim to restore our high streets with new rules for commercial properties; compulsory rental auctions, where new businesses can have a chance to acquire a lease of a commercial property unoccupied for over a year, or compulsory purchase orders where councils can be given the right, without the landlord, to find a use for unoccupied commercial properties that will benefit the community.

Pavement licensing rules and red tape for outdoor dining were also scrapped under this new bill to allow for outdoor dining such as streateries to remain permanent all year round and aid the recovery of hospitality businesses.

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