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Springboard Annual Footfall Review and webinar 2021
Springboard Annual Footfall Review and webinar 2021

Springboard’s annual review of 2021 looks back at the performance of retail throughout 2021, encompassing key trends in footfall, store capture rates, store sales, online spending, vacancies and consumer confidence over the year from January to December. Find out how Covid impacted retail performance across UK retail destinations in 2021.

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Webinar on Annual Footfall Review 2021

3 February, 2pm

Listen in to the discussion on the annual review of UK high streets and footfall in 2021. Join Diane Wehrle, Marketing & Insights Director, who will revisit key footfall insights and the many factors which impacted recovery across retail destinations including lockdowns, restrictions and the Omicron variant towards the end of the year. 
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