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Zero emission vehicle transition by 2035 becomes law
Zero emission vehicle transition by 2035 becomes law

The UK Government’s mandate to ensuring that all new cars and vans are zero emission vehicles has now become law, meaning that the UK now has ‘the most ambitious regulatory framework for the switch to electric vehicles of any country in the world.’

The new law means that car manufacturers in the UK will now be subject to restrictions on what percentage of zero emission vehicles they must produce each year – after 2030, 80% of new cars and 70% of new vans sold in Britain must be zero emission, a figure that will increase to 100% by 2035.

Technology and Decarbonisation Minister Anthony Browne said: “Alongside us having spent more than £2bn in the transition to electric vehicles, our zero emission vehicle mandate will further boost the economy and support manufacturers to safeguard skilled British jobs in the automotive industry.”

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