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£6million investment pledged to green spaces in London
£6million investment pledged to green spaces in London

The Grow Back Greener Fund of £1.2 million, and Green Resilience Fund Space Fund of £4 million, will create and improve green spaces in the London areas that need them the most. Grants will be offered to community group, schools and local authority projects like pocket parks, and neighbourhoods through the Grow Back Greener Fund, and more large scale rejuvenation projects such as restoring rivers and creating woodland will be funded by the Green Resilience Fund Space. Thames water is co-funding the Grow Back Greener Fund with £500,000.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vital importance of London’s green spaces for Londoners’ health and wellbeing. London’s parks saw the highest increase in usage of anywhere in the country during the first lockdown last spring. Yet it has also brought into sharp focus the vast inequalities in access to green space. The Mayor believes this is a matter of fairness, and is aiming for all Londoners to live within a 10-minute walk of a green space

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