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Alert: Potential office scam in central London
Alert: Potential office scam in central London

An incident has been reported of unlawful access to an office building. At 21:30 on 26/06/2021, two males wearing hi-vis jackets entered a building in Soho stating that they were COVID inspectors and were there to do an inspection. No face masks were worn by the two males.
The males were recording inside the site and reportedly used a tape measure between tables. Staff queried why they were filming and they failed to give an answer.
Inappropriate language was used towards staff when challenged again. They stated that they sent emails to all venues in the area although none had been received. They were then asked to leave the premises. There are currently no descriptions or CCTV images of the individuals.

Please note – An official Covid marshal would be wearing a tabard, and have identification.

Some tips on what to do if someone is trying to gain access to your premises:

  • Ask for a valid photo ID
  • Confirm the company they work for is a recognised one, do an online check etc.
  • Confirm with any company anyone works for that the visits are genuine (Covid visits would likely be from the council)
  • Ensure that the visit is planned and arranged.
  • If in any doubt call the police/security etc.
  • Ensure that any visit is accompanied by more than one member of staff.
  • Do not let anyone into the venue until the visit/staff members can be confirmed as genuine.


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