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Are you prepared for post-lockdown security?
Are you prepared for post-lockdown security?

The Fitzrovia Partnership is proud to support Counter Terrorism Policing’s vigilance campaign and encourage our partnership member businesses and the public to help the police tackle terrorism and save lives by reporting suspicious behaviour and activity. Communities defeat terrorism.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Matt Twist, Senior National Coordinator Protect & Prepare has said,

Whilst terrorist attacks remain thankfully rare, sadly they do happen and they do remain a threat. Since the pandemic began people have shown astounding generosity and resilience. As restrictions are eased we are encouraging communities, the public and businesses across the country to help the police tackle terrorism by remaining vigilant and reporting suspicious behaviour.”

Sadly the threat from terrorism has not gone away. The cooperation between everyone in the community is a powerful defence which is why it is so important that we all play our role.

Whilst you’re on the way to Fitzrovia and exploring around the area, be aware of your surroundings. Report anything that doesn’t seem right straight away to a security staff or our street wardens. For an emergency, get to a safe place and call 999. By playing your part, you’re doing your bit for everyone and helping to keep everyone safe.

To report online and learn more about the signs to spot, visit gov.uk/ACT


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