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Early Warning: Cyber attack alert system
Early Warning: Cyber attack alert system

Early Warning is a free service by the NCSC for all organisations to spot malicious activity in their information feed, using IP addresses and domain names. You’ll receive a Daily Threat Alert and Weekly Threat Alert if anything is detected or not. Then your organisation can investigate the issue. This will enhance your security and alert you before an incident becomes a much bigger issue.

Benefits of joining

  • By signing up to Early Warning your organisation will be alerted to the presence of malware and vulnerabilities affecting your network, alongside your existing security systems in place. This si to complement what you have already.
  • Early Warning enhances your organisation’s security by increasing your awareness of the low-grade incidents which could become much bigger issues, so you can act on them earlier.
  • You can have increased confidence in the security of your network.
  • The service is free and fully funded by the NCSC.

How to register for Early Warning

1. Signup to Early Warning

2. You will need the following details to sign up:

a.   Your NCSC Single Sign On details (if you don’t yet have an account, follow the link on the Early Warning signup page to create an account)
b.   Your organisation’s name
c.   Your organisation’s public IP addresses and domain names
d.   The details of the contacts you wish alerts to go to (at least name and email address).

Sign up to Early Warning

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