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Increased police presence planned for the West End
Increased police presence planned for the West End

The Met has announced details of how town centres will be bolstered with hundreds of new police officers in local policing boost.

London will soon be getting an additional 650 police officers who will work solely in busy public places and other areas, including those where women and girls often feel unsafe. Camden and Brent boroughs will have two teams whilst the West End will have a single but bigger team.

Issues that matter most to Londoners will be addressed. Officer teams will be based permanently in towns and cities across the UK, after calls from the public, and after recent tragic events, that a larger presence is needed to reduce domestic violence and make women and girls feel safer. The extra officers will patrol at the times that will have the most impact on crime as well as on public safety, such as in the evenings. Local authorities will help to decide where the new team and officers will be located. The decisions have been led by data and intelligence which considers locations that generates the most policing demand, areas with higher crime levels and/or areas where confidence in the police is low.

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