Latest Crossrail update

Trial Running

Crossrail continues to make progress with trial running taking place with 12 trains per hour to test reliability and flush out any issues and identify bugs to fix. The aim at this final complex stage is to ensure the trains are completely safe to run before opening.

Trial Operations

These operations include exercises to prove the system is ready for passengers. These will test the whole system to check everything works effectively. The end of trial operations marks the final step before passengers can use the service from First half of 2022.


There has been no significant injury reporte don the project for five consecutive periods; there have been mior slips and trips. Learnings will be taken from these incidents to improve safety.

Central section progress

Central section stations need to reach specific stages of completion in order for the programme to move into trail operations phase. Most of these stations are now with TfL, except Cabary Wharf, Abbey Wood and Bond Street.

Operational readiness

Train sofware upgrades are being rolled out to ensure ahigh performing passenger service.

Network rail

The network rail is alos updating in preparation for the Elizabth lines. Better, more spacious entrances and ticket halls are being built, with additional accessibility from lifts and bridges

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