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Mayor launches £32m fund to upskill Londoners
Mayor launches £32m fund to upskill Londoners

The Good Work for All fund has been launched to give high-quality skills training to those who’ve been affected the most by the pandemic, so thye can pursue careers to help London economy recover. Working closely with colleges, skills and learning providers, London boroughs and businesses and civil society organisations, 39 organisations will be receiving funding. London has seen the highest levels of unemployment during the worst of the pandemic, and employers are now facing a difficult time recruiting.

The GLA and the mayor has been in charge of publicly funded adult learning since 2019, and are tasked with increasing the employability of Londoners, which will in turn support businesses and the economy. Organisations and businesses that receive the funding will provide the training courses on behalf of the GLA. The Mayor’s draft Adult Education Roadmap for London for consultation is also still open for feedback from employers.

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