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TfL Go App updated
TfL Go App updated

TfL have updated their TfL Go app to now include real-time updates on tube crowdedness at platforms and interchanges. As numbers increase on the tub, about 60% of pre-pandemic levels of users are back, customers can check how busy their route is and travel at less busier times.

Transport for London has updated its free TfL Go travel app to provide real-time information on how busy London Underground stations are throughout the day. This should help customers choose quieter times to travel around the city and will further help build confidence as more people continue to return to public transport.

The update, available on both the iOS and Android versions of the app, uses aggregated and depersonalised data from TfL’s Wi-Fi network to provide customers with real-time information on how busy Tube stations are at any particular point of the day. Historically, TfL has used ticketing data to understand travel patterns on the network, with quiet times data in TfL Go based largely on data from TfL’s Oyster and contactless ticketing system which records entry and exits at stations. This new update now allows TfL to factor in how busy platforms and interchange points are to overall crowding within a station.

Available on both iOS and Android

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