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No more password logins for Microsoft Logins
No more password logins for Microsoft Logins

There has been a steady move to password-less technology to access email accounts. For security reasons, many companies have been trying to move away from passwords due to the issues they can cause to security, instead moving towards authenticator apps/ security keys/ verification codes sent to phones etc. instead. Microsoft will remove passwords with immediate effect. Microsoft has already announced that millions of customers have already moved to password-less log ins.

Password issues

  • difficult to remember complex passwords that need to be changed each month
  • people make them too simple and passwords get shared frequently
  • target for attacks – many passwords are compromised each month

What this means for business

IT systems must be secure and compliant, and employees must be must be able to access accounts securely from different locations with the increase in remote/ hybrid working. Password-less solutions for logging in are recommended as the way forward. GMA can help you with your IT systems and security against cybercrime.

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