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Northern line Bank branch to close for 17 weeks
Northern line Bank branch to close for 17 weeks

From Saturday 15 January 2022 until-mid May, the Bank branch of the Northern line will be closed for 17 weeks between Kennington to Moorgate. An increased service of 32 trains an hour will run through the Charing Cross branch, and a temporary new bus route, the 733 will run from Oval to the City. Waterloo & City line will be open to a full weekday service from 22 November, and will help carry the extra numbers needing to reach the City.

Going in to Fitzrovia, we expect the temporary closure of the Bank branch will lead to more numbers at Tottenham Court Road Station on the Charing Cross branch, as people transfer to the Central Line to go eastbound. Please allow more time to get to your destinations and consider travelling at a quieter time, or using alternative modes such as the bus, cycling or walking.

Read the full details from TfL

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