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Parking permit changes for keyworkers in Camden
Parking permit changes for keyworkers in Camden

On July 30, the parking permits issued to NHS and frontline workers during the COVID-19 response will be withdrawn.

As the government moves out of lockdown, and with the continued roll out of the vaccination programme and the ending of government support for the NHS, the Care and Volunteer car permit issued by Camden Council will cease support of the NHS permit as well as the other COVID-19 based parking permits from 30 July. This includes the permits put in place for educational staff and other key worker groups. To prepare drivers, warning notices will be issued to vehicles parked using these permits from July 19 to inform of them of the upcoming changes and that their permit will no longer be valid in Camden from July 30.

From 30 July onwards, parking permits will need to be paid for to use a permit holder parking bay, and for short term parking bays. Parking without a relavent permit may result in charges.

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