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See a day in the life of our street wardens on Channel 5
See a day in the life of our street wardens on Channel 5

See our wardens and their hard work on Channel 5

Our wardens and several other security professionals in central London were recently filmed on their daily patrols ensuring the public and businesses are safe. The documentary series, Shoplifters and Scammers: at War with the Law, highlights the important, and at times dangerous, work they do around Fitzrovia. Catchup on all episodes on My5.

Our wardens, part of My Local Bobby, have become an integral part of Fitzrovia. They manage everything on the streets that many of us are not aware of. Through their patrolling and business calls, through their FITZBAC radio network, the wardens assist the homeless, intercept shoplifters and people showing anti-social behaviour and disruption. Along with our environmental officer, they remove waste, report highways issues, remove inappropriate phone box cards (which are sometimes dangerous and unhygienic to remove), and are a general positive presence in the area.

Catchup on Shoplifters and Scammers on My5

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