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West End Project – August 2022
West End Project – August 2022

New traffic cameras on Tottenham Court Road
West End Project have identified that many vehicles are not adhering to road signs where they are not permitted to use on Tottenham Court Road. New Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) enforcement cameras have been installed on Tottenham Court Road. WEP believes there has been enough time for drivers to get used to the road changes on TCR. Cameras will only operate during the restriction times stated on the road signs – only buses and cycles are permitted
to use Tottenham Court Road as a complete through route on Mondays – Saturdays 8am – 7pm.

The cameras will record any vehicle driving past traffic signs that prohibit this movement. At each camera you will see the associated signage which will tell you if there is a vehicle prohibition or not in advance of you entering the area. Any vehicle driving past a sign prohibiting it from doing so during the restricted times will be issued a penalty charge. The current charge is £130 reduced to £65 if paid within 14 days. Exempt from these restrictions include any vehicle being used for ambulance, fire brigade or policing purposes, Dial a Ride and the Camden refuse collection vehicles. Local buses and people cycling, can travel on Tottenham Court Road at any time of day. After the cameras are in place we will continue to monitor the area and look at the impact the cameras have on motorists complying with the restricted times and area

See more on the decisions behind installing these cameras.

Princes Circus
The new public space continues to be worked on with new planting, seating, lighting and pavements being installed.


The final change to two-way traffic for the northern section of Gower Street between Grafton Way and Euston Road is now complete. As a reminder, please look both ways when crossing the road and use the pedestrian crossings as the safest way to cross. Traffic is no longer able to turn left from Tottenham Court Road onto Euston Road and should instead use Gower Street to access Euston Road.
For more information on any of the traffic changes the project

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