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FitzOffice Supplies, delivering efficiency to your business

A new way to order your office supplies, with FitzOffice Supplies. We’ll save you money and you’ll help save our local environment.

From an existing TfL funded trial in 2015, we were able to work with 10 members to better understand what products they were ordering, and the impact these deliveries had on our local environment. As a result, we are delighted to launch FitzOffice Supplies, which aims to consolidate what you order most with some substantial financial savings – and help you to reduce your delivery’s carbon emissions by up to 90%

The service will offer you:

  • Essential savings on all your office supplies (stationery, tea/coffee, office snacks and even furniture!)
  • A speedy but consolidated service
  • Business Credit Account
  • FREE 14 day returns
  • A dedicated support manager to help you with the ordering process
  • FREE cost analysis for your company
  • An easy to use and efficient online ordering platform – let us do the hard work for you!
  • Confidence that you are ordering with a FORS accredited service (a TfL accredited scheme encompassing safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations)
  • An opportunity for you to enter your savings onto your CSR balance sheet – by using our bespoke service, you are making a direct difference in reducing the number of white van and HGV deliveries into Fitzrovia, making a tangible improvement to local air quality

To register for your business account and dedicated savings, please visit our website – fitzroviaofficesupplies.com

Contact us at officesupplies@fitzroviapartnership.com or 020 7755 5836 if you’d like further information.