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Idling is Fuelish: Improving local air quality by tackling vehicle idling in Fitzrovia

Air pollution is a major environmental risk to health. It is estimated to cost the NHS billions of pounds a year, and it is well known that children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of vehicle pollution. In April, the Vehicle Idling Action campaign will be coming to Fitzrovia. The aims of this Mayor-funded campaign are to raise awareness about the impacts of vehicle emissions on health, and to encourage people to switch off their engines when parked to improve local air quality. Research has shown that these events can improve local air quality.

If you’d like to spend your lunchtime improving local air quality, talking to people about how air pollution affects health, and playing giant air quality snakes and ladders games, please sign up to come along to our event. Here’s what will happen before and during the event.


We will be offering employees the opportunity to learn more about how air pollution affects health, and how to encourage changes in behaviour in a short amount of time, by watching our online training video.

The Event

You will then be able to come to our pre-event briefing for a recap on the messages and approaches we use and some health and safety tips. Kitted out in high vis vests, we will then go out in pairs to talk to drivers in the surrounding area who are idling. We will ask drivers if they’d like to help to improve local air quality by switching off their engines, and give drivers some of the eye-opening facts about air pollution and health. When approached in a friendly and non-judgemental way, typically around 90% of drivers switch off when asked.

As a focal point, we will be setting up a giant snakes and ladders game and inviting passers-by to come and play. The game teaches players all about good and bad air pollution actions as they play.

If you are unable to volunteer, you are welcome to come down and play the game!